Pink House – Weatherproofing Membrane

Our daughter’s pink doll house is more cute than the likes of Tandem House these days but the vibrant color does mark another milestone as the house is nearly dried in.

This method of weatherproofing the house is very different than the typical polyolefin wrap that goes us in a day and leaves a lot of room for error during install. Scott is very particular not to hire out this weatherproofing stage since it is so important to achieving the home’s tight envelope making it truly an energy saving green home.

By using a liquid applied ‘wrap’ it fills all joints and seams creating a waterproof and air tight wall assembly sealing all penetrations and gaps. The liquid membrane improves the building durability by protecting the home against damaging wind and rain. Its also another component in improving the home’s R-value. With better insulating properties it helps to reduce home energy usage and allowing the HVAC system to work more efficiently.

Filling Facade Joints and Seams: All the transitions between the SIPs are filled with a pink R-guard adhesive.

Liquid Flashing:  At every window and door rough opening a red ‘fast flash’ R-guard liquid is applied.

Liquid Weatherproof Membrane: A pink liquid weatherproof membrane is roller applied to the entire exterior façade.

We used all the same waterproofing practices with Tandem House 1 which is documented here.


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