Final Framing, Insulation + Drywall

We passed electrical and plumbing inspections. The only thing holding us back was a few little framing projects that may seem tedious now but in the end will make the house feel custom and complete. Two framing projects Scott worked on was the fireplace feature that will also host built-in media shelving. The other was the framing for a built-in plaster range hood. The fireplace was easy but the range hood proved to be a battle since the hood needed to be ‘ventless’. The exhaust will instead be directed through the sides of the hood and outside through the home’s ERV (energy recovery system) system.

The house is built with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) so the exterior walls and the roof are already continuously insulated. Scott just needed to spray foam connecting seams followed by tape to ensure the home’s tight envelope. The insulation crew came in and spray foamed the basement and batted the rest of the interior walls.

Drywall quickly followed; loading in from the second floor balcony. Next up is floors and the ERV system install.


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