ADU Home Tour – June 23rd, 2018

We are happy to be participating in the 2018 Denver ADU Home Tour hosted by L&D Construction on June 23rd.

Our friends Lindsay and David of L&D Construction have been first-movers in the ADU construction residential market in Denver.  Having built their own ADU above their garage in the West Colfax neighborhood and experiencing the benefits of short-term rental income; they have become strong advocates for this growing market.  Now 80% of their construction projects are ADU’s and they are projecting they will build 12+ ADU’s this year and 20 in 2019.

Although our Tandem House is not an ADU, the Tandem House building type provides many of the same benefits as an ADU (and more, see Tandem House vs. Accessory Dwelling Unit)  and should be considered when debating the cost/benefits of building a detached unit on a residential lot zoned for ADU or Tandem House in Denver.

Come check out our new house!