Demo Part 3

You may have noticed that our garage demo has been more intentional than the typical demo process.  Our goal has been to minimize the amount of waste that goes into a landfill and to instead find creative ways to re-use material.  Demo Pt. 1 and 2 videos show that we saved the wall bricks and roof trusses that are now stacked neatly in our backyard.  We will re-use the brick on the new 1-car detached garage. IMG_8925_editTo complete the garage demolition, we broke-up the concrete foundation and filled wire mesh gabion baskets.  The seat height walls will create an entry sequence from the street and will line the walkway back to our new house. See the photo gallery below to check out our process and final product.

To complete the look, we will eventually plant tall native grasses behind and in between the walls, add a wood bench to two of the walls and the last vertical wall will become an address sign.