One Man Show

The basement and first floor is framed just in time for colder weather. Scott completed this step on his own. If we were in a rush he probably would have hired someone to help out, but due to delayed manufacturing of the SIPs (arriving in mid-November) there was no rush in getting this step done. Though from the time-lapse below it appears that Scott was pretty darn efficient.

Images show the voids cutout from the existing concrete foundation walls to make way for larger windows, the new side entry and egress window. Cheek walls were framed on top of the foundation walls to make the basement ceiling height taller. Then structural walls were framed, stair headers built and OSB glued and nailed down for the first floor.

While we wait for the SIP install, we’ve started building the one-car garage off the alley and the new sewer line is set to be installed in a few weeks.