Xeric Landscape

Tandem House was conceived to be a sustainable home that is achieved in every respect from using SIP panels, solar panels, and an efficient HVAC system (among numerous other things).  The house will be LEED-certified (we should have the certificate any day now) and the landscape is a major component to receiving the necessary points required for the certificate.

We see the landscape as an extension of the home and the sustainable concept flows through every exterior detail.  By opting to eliminate the need for irrigation the plant selection includes all Colorado native and adaptive species.  Once established the plants will sustain off the ebbs and flows of the environment that it’s meant to thrive in.  The artificial turf lawn requires zero maintenance and no water.

TH Illustrative[click image to enlarge]

Plant ListThe grading and flow of water on-site is a big factor in plant selection, ensuring that plants that require less water are at a higher grade and those that thrive off more water are at low points. The water diagram below shows the flow of water on-site and from the roof downspouts.  The water that is handled on-site, flows to the native grass rain garden that can handle large water events with droughts in between.  The landscape acts as a sponge, soaking and cleaning water as it flows through the site and into the groundwater system.

Water[click image to enlarge]

Once we plant the few remaining plants and complete construction site cleanup we will have the landscape professionally photographed.  Stay tuned!


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