We have a basement!  It’s exciting to finally see walls up.  Within a week the forms were built along with the rebar grid and once the inspection was approved, concrete was trucked in and pumped over the house and into the basement forms in the back.

More process photos.  Almost ready to start backfilling the site.


3 thoughts on “Basement

  1. I am trying to build a tandem house in my back yard in Denver. I am zoned U-TU-C. Have been working with Denver Building Dept. since last January on this…the actually suggested tandem house. Finally got all submitted for permit and Denver outsourced review. Review came back saying tandem house at rear of primary house needs to be offset to be visible from street of primary house. Referred me to a footnote in DZC Section (bottom of page 5.3-11 of DZC). Do you know why this requirement to be visible from primary home street is required? In all my work with Denver Building staff, this was never mentioned. 😦


    1. Hi Rose,

      Thank you for reaching out. I know it is frustrating to go back and forth on City comments especially if the language is buried in the code and not very descriptive. We were told that the offset is a fire requirement; that in the case of an emergency, the back primary structure 2 must be visible from the street. We did not find a minimum required offset, however, in our case the back house is offset 2.3′.

      Hope that this helps. Good luck in your process.

      – Amina


  2. Hi Amina,

    Thanks so much for getting back with me. I wish Denver Development staff had told me this when THEY suggested me to go the tandem house route. There is no way I can get my new home to be visible from primary street unless I demo my garage off the alley. New home is single story & 960 sq ft. I assume the visibility requirement from primary street applies to ADUs too…do you know? I appreciate any insight you may be able to offer.



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