Steamboat Field Trip

Last Friday Scott, Rio and I packed up the truck and headed to Steamboat, Colorado.   We went to check out Zola Window’s showroom and it came with the added benefit of getting out of town and breathing in the mountain air.  I had never been to Steamboat so it was a treat to see a new part of our beautiful state while we wait to hear back from the City on building permits.   An update on our permit status; we did receive one round of City comments (nothing earth shattering) that we are currently addressing and we plan to resubmit next week.  We will let you know when we get the green light to start building.

So back to our trip; after a quick pit stop at the Steamboat dog park, we made our way to the window showroom.  Scott has done a lot of research on energy conserving windows and Zola offers a triple pane glass that will increase the insulation of the house and contribute to our overall design goal of reaching LEED Platinum certification (see post on 8.5.2016, “Energy Efficient Home”) .  Grant Bursek showed us the different options from lift and slide doors, to tilt and turn windows and he gave an overview of the hardware and finish options.  Though, the best part was our tour of a passive home that is currently under construction and near completion.    Below are some photos from our visit.  Although our home won’t be as elaborate and won’t have floor to ceiling windows or that view; we still think it will be great!


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