Soil Test and Geotechnical Investigation

Although we are still waiting for the results of a geotechnical report, we were able to check Soil Testing off the list. The report that comes back must accompany the construction documents that we submit to the City for permitting. Two boring locations were drilled with a 4-inch diameter rig, powered by a 140-pound hammer that goes down to 25′ below the surface!



Samples were taken at select intervals and material will be logged to evaluate the engineering properties of the soil layers that include swell consolidation testing and moisture-density determinations. When we get the geotechnical report back Scott will use this to determine the design of the foundation and appropriate structural load reductions.

Taking this step made the process feel very real. Like this is really happening! The neighbors must be a little curious since we had to take the fence down in the back to get the truck in. And, it’s difficult to ignore the shaking as the rig pounds into the ground!


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