S.A. Rank

We spent the last year living in and revitalizing the new house; putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, updating the kitchen and upstairs bathroom and most importantly establishing our design studio.

design studio

It is in this office that we conceived the Tandem House Blog, established S A RANK LLC. and have planned our next adventure to build a tandem house in the back half of the 3634 Wyandot Street 6,250 SF lot.

Some exciting new developments have come up since I last posted that have included Scott studying and passing his first architecture licensing exam and we ordered a site survey so that we are able to put together the beginning stages of a development permit package. Eventually, when we have narrowed our concept down, we will submit the package to the City to review against zoning requirements specified for our lot and if approved they will give us our building permit.

Another new development is that we are moving back to 3634 Wyandot. This way, over the next year we can be on site to design and build the house on our lot.



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