Need Help with Zoning and Site Analysis?

We have had several blog readers inquire our expertise regarding their residential lots in Denver.  When homeowners reach out to us they know that they want to build on their lot but are unsure what form their investment will take.  Many times the first step is identifying what the owner’s lot is zoned for and what is allowed under Denver’s code.  Keep in mind that Denver’s planning and development resources can be hard to find and once found they can be difficult to navigate.

Once lot zoning is determined it is helpful to identify what the homeowners specific investment and lifestyle needs are.  For example, a homeowner came to us knowing that they wanted to build an ADU above their garage to eventually operate as a short-term rental and generate income.  However, once we looked up their zone lot, it was determined that their zoning does not allow them to have an ADU.

Others have already determined that their lot allows for an ADU but after we identified their zoning (U-TU-B) and completed a site analysis the homeowner changed their mind. They decided that building a tandem house, instead of an ADU, would best meet their investment needs.  The tandem house would give them the option to rent or to sell in the future.  To better understand the difference between an ADU and a Tandem House click here.

As a professional planner, architect, general contractor and engineer we also have the know-how of navigating the zoning, design, permitting and building process in Denver.  Above is a snapshot site and zoning analysis that was completed for our site prior to designing and permitting our tandem house (zoned U-TU-B) in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood.  This Sketchup analysis helped us to determine what was possible on our lot and what best met our needs.  Such an analysis can help owners realize the possibilities of the site before diving too deep into architectural drawings and the City permitting process.

If you are interested in a consultation and/or a site analysis study we are happy to talk.  Click here to see a full zoning and site analysis case study.

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